Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Pig skin will never look the same

The road side stalls looked busy and interesting so I stopped to investigate. What were they selling? What was so aromatic? What was it in piles on the table tops?

I still don't know what the red things are - but some form of pig intestine is my diagnosis. 


On closer inspection the brown strips were spikey - AGGGHHHHHH - I shouldn't have looked to close - it was boar skin, bristles and all.

The smell was gross. 

I don't know what the locals do with it or how it is cooked.  There is a lot of crackling for sale, so maybe this is the base ingredient. I'm not sure I do want to know.  I am gagging as I type as the pictures bring to mind the horrible smell.  I may never be able to eat roast pork again.

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